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When it involves the legality of the property, several aspects should be addressed at the time of buying a property. Several key documents of the property have got to be obtained from the seller, without which your purchase won't be deemed legal. Such documents include Letter of allotment, Sale deed, Sanctioned plan, Society documents, encumbrance certificate, Sale agreement, and more.

The documents of the property should be scrutinized by the buyer even before viewing the property. The buyer needs to enforce checking the original documents before finalizing the deal. The letter that confers allotment of the property to you from the relevant society or authority is a primary document you would like to possess so as.

It is vital to ascertain the legal background of the developer in whose project you're going to invest. Always ask for the land allotment papers and a duplicate of the sanctioned plan of the building. Do check for the penalty clause within the agreement just in case of a delay.

Monitor legal risk in land documentation and advise clients accordingly.

Interpret laws, rulings, and regulations for land transactions.

Ensure that appropriate approvals are in place before property transactions are executed.

Manage regulatory and compliance-related services.

Defend the municipal code litigation.

Support legal and general advisory needs related to a large-scale property portfolio.

Buying a property can be risky and the risk rises ten folds when your legal paperwork is not up to the mark. Properties do not come at the price of candies and when dealing with a lot of money it is better to come with all your homework done. Good paperwork can not only save you from getting robbed but can also save you from any opportunistic advancements that people might claim from you. Let us see what good paperwork can do for you.

Problem Can Arise

  1. Disputes between builders, developers and buyers

  2. Disputes relating to wiled or inherited properties

  3. Disputes regarding non-provision of occupancy certificate

  4. Misuse if the leased or rented property

  5. Boundary disputes

How helps you 

Get good professional legal help when going for the property business with our Property Lawyers in Bhubaneswar. Buying or selling of property requires proper and appropriate legal work to back it up. When dealing with big chunks of money make sure all claims and promises are taken down on paper to have concrete proof of the deal.

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