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The real estate industry is one of the ever-growing industries in the world. Among many reasons behind the growth is the stable and predictable cash flow of the real estate business. Many entrepreneurs’ attention is caught by the fact that cash flow from the business is not subject to self-employment tax. Anyone would love to invest in a business where the government offers tax benefits including depreciation and significantly lower tax-rates for long-term profit. These reasons along with the fact that such property mostly only appreciates have led to the establishment of many real estate companies, yet no one does this business better than us at www.onlypropety.in through our web platform which is online real estate classified web portal that helps people to find Commercial and Residential Property to Rent, Buy or Sell.

On this platform, the user can also find support like, Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Packers & Movers, painters, Lawyers, Home Appliance technicians & Aqua guard Installations, team to manage their Shifting or Construction needs, once Property Rented or Purchased. We also support the user to get a Rent agreement, Police Verification, Lawyer, Vastu, and Home Loan which can be taken care of by our dedicated Relationship Manager. Thus, the user does not have to search different sources to find out Property and Shifting requirements. We use our creatively designed platform and marketing methods to attract distressed homeowners and cash buyer investors.