Air Conditioner maintenance and operation tips to save electricity

Discover exclusive Air Conditioner tips at Only property to conserve electricity. Maximize efficiency with maintenance and operation guidance.

Air Conditioner maintenance and operation tips to save electricity

The best way to form sure that you simply save money in summers is by ensuring that your air conditioning is running well. And to form that happen, it's vital to form sure that the air conditioning is correctly maintained and it's in fine condition before every summer. Once installed, we hardly make any efforts to form sure that the air conditioning is in fine condition and call a mechanic only it fails. But an air conditioning that's not properly maintained can significantly increase your electricity bills.

Things to care at the time of installation:

A) confirm that there's enough space for installation, maintenance and repair of the air con system at the place where you opt to put in the system. If installed in a cramped space, it'll be difficult to try to to the upkeep and it can increase your electricity bills. confirm that it's easy to get rid of filters to wash them.

B) it's important to put in the unit (or outdoor unit for split air conditioners) during a shaded spot. The North or side of the home is better for installation because it prevents direct sunshine on the air conditioning.

Maintenance and usage tips:

A) confirm that you simply get the filters of the air conditioning cleaned before the beginning of summers. Dusty filters impact the inflow of air into the air conditioning thereby making it work harder (consume more electricity) to urge the indoor air. If you're not aware of the cleaning tips, you'll call a licensed mechanic to try to an equivalent for you.

B) Recycle or change the aircon refrigerant periodically and obtain the condenser cleaned regularly to create the air conditioning simpler. you'll involve professional help to try to do a similar.
C) Check the air conditioning settings and confirm that ‘fresh air’ vent is closed. ‘Fresh Air’ vent is employed to urge the air outside into space. But as air conditioner works by cooling indoor air, opening the ‘fresh air’ vent will get more hot air from outside into space and therefore the condenser will need to work harder to chill it.

D) Lights, computers, televisions, and everyone light-emitting appliances radiate heat. ensure that these devices are pack up when not in use, else they will increase air-con load. incandescent lights (old bulbs) radiate tons of warmth and may increase units consumed by the air conditioners.

E) Maintain the right insulation of the space where air conditioning is installed for effective cooling. More details on insulation are available in the insulation section of our website.

F) Keep air conditioning at an ideal temperature of 24-25oC for the correct quantity of cooling and energy saving. Check our article on ideal air conditioner temperature to urge more details.

G) don't place lights, computers, televisions and another light-producing device near air conditioning thermostat, because it will impact the right functioning of the thermostat and thereby make the air conditioner condenser work longer and consume more electricity.

H) employing a ceiling fan with air conditioning helps in reducing air conditioner load. Check our article on ceiling fans that gives more details.

I) If you've got a really old air conditioner and it needs repair regularly, it's better to exchange it with an energy-efficient BEE star rated air conditioner. it'll be cheaper to shop for replacement air conditioning than repairing and maintaining an old air conditioning that consumes tons of electricity.

Maintaining air conditioners can save tons of electricity which leads to saving electricity bills.

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